Whoa. A purportedly ‘62 Gold-on-Gold Fender Jazzmaster. Found over at Ron’s Vintage, this one is said to be one of a limited run of 20 Jazzmasters in this scheme, but there’s some discussion over the likelihood of that story over at OSG. The reason? Gold guards were phased out less than a year after they were introduced as they wore in quickly. Coupled with that is the fact that the routing under the guard changed when the guards were changed to celluloid and their different screw pattern.

Now, it’s entirely conceivable that a stash of gold guards might have been found, and Leo –– being frugal as he was –– decided to do a run of all-gold JMs with some Shoreline paint just to get rid of them. And that holds some plausibility; Fender was known for using parts until they ran out, with some parts being shifted to the bottom of the pile as production rolls on. This is why it’s possible (albeit a rare occurrence) to find some bound offset necks that still have slab fretboards. Seriously, it’s happened.

Authentic, refinished, parted out… I honestly don’t care. I think it’s lovely.

Last time it was available, the seller was asking $32,000. That’s ridiculous, especially for a guitar that has such mysterious provenance. If only we could get gut shots…