When it comes to amplifier envy, this one is still at the top of my list.  Classically built to original Hiwatt specs but with a tweaked eq specifically attuned to Bass Freqs.  I’ve long wanted to hear what one of these sounds like through a Bergantino NV412 but even those are becoming as rare as Sasquatch these days.  Everyone I have talked to that has played through one of these use the same word: LUSH.

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Another stunner from the Custom Shop, check out the CSRPJV205H with CSRP1960A. This burgundy python snake skin vinyl covered half stack is one of the Custom Shop Team’s favourite designs to date, featuring Burgundy Python Snake Skin vinyl, Black/Grey EC speaker grille cloth as used on the Vintage Reissue ‘Bluesbreaker’ combo, gold piping, with small gold vintage Marshall logo. Available in an extremely limited run for Long & McQuade in Canada. Find out more about our other Custom Shop creations at http://www.marshallamps.com/products/custom-shop/ #liveformusic